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Do People Change?January 12, 2017 @ 03:20:08 am in Q & A
Do people change? If so, does it affect relationships(with significant others,friends, family)? In what way would it affect those relationships? My curiosity has been increasing greatly in the past few days. One thing I noticed is that, my relationship with my best friend is starting to drift apart. We've been friends going on 8 years now. My time in the Marine Corps and being on my own has led to me changing greatly. My best friend noticed that I have a "darker" personality now. She can handle it, but there are times I can go so dark that makes her worried. I used to isolate myself out of fear of rejection and stuff like that. Now, I enjoy being isolated. One major change (if it's considered a change) is when I decided to smoke. I used to smoke cigarettes for 2 years and I quit months after deployment. I now smoke weed. I have personal reasons of why I do it and none of it is for any social statuses or acceptance.

My best friend recently found out I smoke and she doesn't like it. She hasn't told me she doesn't accept it and I'm wrong and stuff, but I know she disapproves. Since I moved back to Florida, we talk way less than when I was stationed in Camp Pendleton. I feel like we are truly drifting apart. Ironically, it doesn't bother me. Overall I am still the same person, just altered somewhat.

So instead of rambling, I will ask again Do people change?

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